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The First Fashion Forward Shower Cap

Louvelle showerwear is inspired by the pages of fashion magazines - a glamorous sophisticated turban style. It's the shower cap perfect for the modern woman who wants to look chic in the shower. No longer do women have to hide in the bathroom in case someone catches a glimpse of them in the most unflattering of traditional shower caps!

There are three styles - Amelie - a more streamlined panelled style and Dahlia, a more voluminous knotted style and BIG HAIR for ladies with big hair or larger heads.

The Fit & Function

Developed in Australia, Louvelle offers a range of shower caps in colours and prints crafted from luxurious, silky quick dry stretch fabric with a water resistant lining. 

They are as quick and easy to put on as any regular shower cap but much more fashionable! The fit is firmer than a regular shower cap - ensuring your blow dry is protected from steam in the shower.  As with any shower caps, for best results we recommend angling the showerhead below your head.  
One size fits most however, not recommended for very large heads or very long thick hair. The Dahlia shower cap is better suited to larger heads. 

They are longer lasting than regular shower caps - depending on frequency of use we recommend replacing after 1 year. 

Women are also using Louvelle shower caps to protect their hairline when removing makeup, body scrubs and face masks. They also double as a poolside accessory or rain hat!  

Packaged in a luxurious gift box, Louvelle shower caps are a unique gift for the woman who has everything!

Design Registered & Patented.

Why a shower cap? Preserve your blow dry! Second Day Hair! 

Hair stylists and beauty experts agree that washing your hair every second day is better for hair, allowing the natural oils to penetrate and minimise colour fade. And second day hair with a little dry shampoo has that lived in texture that we all want, which is hard to get with freshly shampooed fluffy hair!

Beauty Editor Reviews

Beauty editors agree - Louvelle are the best shower caps...

"Louvelle's line of shower caps pulls at my terribly vain heart strings. The shower caps are designed to look like pretty head wraps....There are thoughtfully sourced patterns and the caps itself are large enough to fit any super-sized head, including my own. You could wear this shower cap anywhere and no one would be the wiser". 
Ashlea Weatherford, Associate Beauty Edtior, NY Mag, The Cut

"Louvelle has re-invented the bonnet generally reserved for the privacy of your bathroom, and transformed it into a chic accessory that can be worn anytime, anyplace."
Lyndsay Green, InStyle magazine

"The days of embarrassing shower caps are over considering this one can be worn outside of the bathroom."  Jillian Ruffo, People Magazine

"Replace your dingy ole shower cap with this version that protects from water just as well, but in a much better-looking way." US weekly magazine.

"I love these gorgeous caps!" Sigourney Cantelo, Beauticate, former Vogue Beauty Editor

“We’ve  rounded up our top caps that are sophisticated, comfortable and will protect your blow drys, extend the life of your wash and basically make you feel like a chic MoFo in the shower.

We’ve been using our turban inspired cap for the past month and we’re now down to washing every 3-4 days, and combined with a bit of dry shampoo, we’re on our way to heathier, better hair.” The File

"These stylish shower caps are ridiculously cute. Never has keeping your hair out of the way while you shower looked so chic!" 
Justine Dunton-Rose, Beauty Editor, Pop Sugar

"There's a real gap in the market here, because...it's 100% acceptable, and frankly, it's almost strange now to admit that you wash your hair every day. (So drying, and so bad for your color!) And if you're going to wear something on your head while you shower, you might as well make it cute." Stylecaster

"A stylish Louvelle shower cap will not only make your showers much more chic, it will also work well to protect your blowout."
Wendy Isles, Celebrity Hairdresser for Heidi Klum, Kate Hudson, Alessandra Ambrosia & Keira Knightley

"Inspired by old hollywood glamour, this pretty printed turban keeps hair dry thanks to a waterproof lining and looks good in the process." Lisa Patulny, Beauty Editor, Famous Magazine

"Louvelle offers a chic solution to those daggy shower cap conundrums. Now you never have to worry about ruining your blow dry again". Olivia Mackinnon, Beauty Editor, Beauty Heaven

"Finally someone has filled the gap in the market for luxury showerwear, with a variety of pretty patterns, they're so fashion forward, you could even wear them lounging poolside to avoid your hair getting wet." Anna Byrne, Herald Sun Newspaper

"Let's face it, no woman wants to be seen dead in that most unflattering of headwear: the shower cap. Yet how else to preserve our blow-dry at the end of a busy day? Enter the retro-chic Dahlia, a shower cap created from stretchy, quicky dry fabric with a water-resistant lining that will have you looking as cute as Carmen Miranda while keeping your 'do frizz free." 
Sharon Bradley, Good Weekend Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald

"I have come across something too good not to share; a new range from Louvelle - making chic turban style shower caps. Such a great concept, plastic shower caps do tend to look a little daggy and I love the look of these ones." Loni Parker, Editor, Adore Home Magazine

"I hate shower caps but these are amazing! I usually just clip my hair up but I would consider wearing yours out as a normal hat they look so good." Christina, Hair Romance

"Even if you're skilled at dodging the shower spray, shower cubicles are hot beds of humidity. Check out these fabulous turban styles from Louvelle and you'll look chic as well." Nikki Parkinson, Styling You

"I've been asked by friends 'how can I look cool wearing a shower cap?'...the answer is Louvelle...instantly feel glam like Sofia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor (minus the jewels). It protects your blow dry, it protects from frizz and it protects your image from anyone believing your'e anything other than absolutely fabulous". Nicola, First World Beauty Problems

"It's a really great product, Aside from looking better than the usual caps, I found that it fits a lot more snugly and there is no water seepage around the edges which I find really annoying with conventional caps." Vanessa, Editor, Breakfast With Audrey

"Offered in a variety of beautiful patterns and colours these high quality caps are super easy to use. Throw your hair into a quick bun, stretch the cap from front to the back of your head and you're ready to go. The quick drying fabric makes for a quick turnaround time for your next use." Alison, Editor, Relauncher